Night Work

A Tribe with Quests

“Gun” arrivs at the Rapid Arrival Transport System TAXI headquarters, and meets the yellow-leaf tribe that runs the cab company. Wind-spear, the woman on the motorcycle introduces him to the tribe and explains that they are doing everything they can to heal his sister. She personally sent a guardian spirit to watch over “Mme. Predator” just before the bullet hit home. The spirit guided the bullet between the hemispheres of her brain and it only managed slight damage to her frontal lobe.

The owner and chief Kuruk explains that he lost his brother working for the same woman. The Yellow-leaves have a ritual lodge and operating room and have been hunting Anzu down for months. They ask “Gun” to investigate Prof. Johnson who introduced him to Anzu.

“Gun” finds the professors office at Columbia U. There, he finds the professor’s address and learns that the professor is on sabbatical. “Gun” knocks a security guard unconscious with a gel round and continues to the professors apartment. At the apartment, “Gun” finds Prof. Harold Davies hooked up to a hotsim rig in a meeting with Renraku. There is also an old VR booth that emulates Hotsim using coldsim technology and VR goggles. “Gun” logs on to the program “KyushuFutura”, chooses his difficulty and fights his way in to the meeting. Professor Davies is meeting with a giant seven-headed hydra. The hydra speaks with seven different voices, and claims that Davies failed in his task. They claim that Lycandus never makes a mistake, that Montego still lives, and that there is only one way for Davies to stay honorable.
Davies commits Seppuku in the program, but survives with major biofeedback in real life.
“Gun” logs out. He and Windspear drag Davies back to headquarters to find “Mme. Predator” fully conscious and ready to help.

While the doctor works on Davies, and Homebear works on tracking Anzu, “Gun” and “Mme. Predator” are asked to visit the Makkapitew (large teeth) tribe at Fahnestock state park and retrieve a scrying dreamcatcher that the Makkapitew have been using to watch them. The two tribes seperated decades ago when the Makkapitew agreed to let the HMHVV infected into their tribe. The yellow-leaf recommended a diplomatic approach.

“Mme. Predator” took part in many of the meet’s games
the Footrace
Hunting (coyote, deer, & Wendigo)
and finally the inter-tribe meeting.

By the end of the weekend, the Makkapitew & Yellow-Leaf were allies once again, and the Makkapitew lent the dreamcatcher to the Yellow-Leaf tribe.

Rude Awakening

“Gun” and “Mme. Predator” got a fairly simple extermination job. Anzu, brought them to a run down subway station and asked them to kill off the devil rats infesting it. There was a mysterious motorcyclist shadowing them the whole time.

Anzu asked the team to clear out another station, but inside were a group of ghouls run by an elven ghoul magician. The mage stymied their chase, but they killed off four other ghouls.

When they returned to Anzu, she stuck a heavy pistol out of the limousine window and shot “Mme. Predator” point blank in the head. Barely holding on to life, the motorcyclist gave “Gun” coordinates and said “we have to get her back quickly, if she is to survive”.


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